About Glenstone Management & Real Estate Services

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We are a premier property management, real estate sales, and construction company working with tenants and investors throughout the Connecticut area. In business since 2013, we are your one-stop shop when it comes to commercial and residential properties.

Glenstone strives to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We operate our clients’ portfolios as if they are our own and understand that these investments must be protected while simultaneously performing at their highest potential.

We are dedicated to providing these results by providing professional, ethical, and competitive services

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As property managers, we handle all the day-to-day work for investors. In addition, we also help purchase and sell rental properties on behalf of our clients, as well as provide construction services. Whether you are looking to develop new property or need to renovate and modernize existing spaces, we can help.

When you are looking to purchase property, make it livable and modern, or find the right tenants, Glenstone can handle it. Browse through our services and speak with our staff so we can provide you with our exceptional services.

Reimagine your property potential. Contact us today.